Merdancollege’s language and culture workshops help you build new knowledge and skills quickly and cost-effectively. Our workshops vary in length from one to two days and they focus on one specific theme or area of application of language and (business) culture. In a short time you gain new insights and you get tips and tricks that you can use directly in your daily practice. Handy and focused!

The workshops take place throughout the year at our eight locations throughout the UK

You can register for a workshop at any time, at a location of your choice, the workshop starts as soon as there are enough registrations. A minimum number of five participants applies to the workshops. To be able to work effectively, interactively and purposefully, the maximum number of participants is eight to ten.

Below you will find all of our language workshops and activities. These can all be booked separately, but also in combination with other workshops / cultural activities or as part of a culture day or on our language day. Click on the links for more information.

  • Intercultural communication
  • Customer oriented communication
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management
  • Presenting with passion
  • Make professional calls
  • Report with effect
  • Professional e-mailing

These cultural activities fit perfectly with most cultural education programs. Particularly suitable for modern cultural education:

  • Rap Workshop
  • Theater Sports Workshop
  • Spoken Word Workshop (Poetry)
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Mark My Words Workshop
  • Songwriting Workshop
  • Hip-hop Lyrical Workshop
  • Rap Workshop Recording
  • Rap Workshop Video clip
  • Custom Rap