Spring- or Summerschool

Pupils who remain seated can now get their grades to the next grade through the spring or summer school. Not every school offers a spring or summer school. The school determines whether and how the spring or summer school looks in practice.


Why a Spring or Summer School?

Research shows that the percentage of people remaining in the UK is relatively high. Moreover, this percentage has increased further in recent years. There may be good reasons for having a student duplicate, but in other cases the performance is only below par in one or more subjects. For these students, sitting down is often demotivating and does not always contribute to a successful continuation of the school career.

During the Spring or Summer School, pupils get the chance to clear up arrears. By participating in the Spring or Summer School, it is possible that they, just like their classmates, will move on to the next grade.

Who is the Spring or Summer School for?

Schools choose themselves whether or not to organize the Spring or Summer School and whether they set it up and implement it themselves or outsource it to an external party such as Lyceo. During the report meetings, the school decides which students are eligible for preventive spring school or a second chance in the summer school. You cannot register your son / daughter yourself, but you can decide on participation. Based on the test results that are achieved during the Spring or Summer School, the school decides whether or not the student will move to the next grade.

During the Spring and Summer School, students work intensively for one or two weeks. We work in a positive, homely and motivating atmosphere. The Spring and Summer School program differs per school and is communicated by the school in question with the parent (s) / caregiver (s).

During the Merdiancollege Spring and Summer School, the supervisors who are responsible for homework supervision on a daily basis at LMC are the fixed point of contact for the pupil, parent (s) / caregiver (s) and the school. The professional supervisors of Merdiancollege are high flyers in their English studies and have successfully completed the selection and training process of LMC.