Language travel

Learn the Language, Population, Customs and Traditions of a Country. Nowhere do you learn more about the population, the customs and the traditions of a country than in the country itself. This also applies to the language! By following a language course abroad, learning a language becomes much more fun and you learn it much faster. After your lessons you can immediately apply your new knowledge in practice to one of the beautiful Language travel destinations.

Language Travel

The language school organizes weekly activities and excursions for all students. The ideal opportunity to make international friends, view sights and learn more about the local culture! Moreover, a language trip is also very good on your CV. After such a period abroad you will see that your self-confidence has been boosted and that you have a cultural experience richer, where you go home with a certificate in your pocket. Immerse yourself completely in the language, the culture and the local way of life!

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Learn a language quickly and effectively abroad

Do you want to increase your chance of work? Do you want to boost your career? Do you want to prepare well for an exam or test? Do you want to make your (world) journey extra interesting by talking to the people in their language? Or do you just like to learn languages?
All reasons to go on a language trip with LMC Travel. We have been offering the best language schools at the best price. With of course a lowest price guarantee.

Are you already looking for language courses during the Christmas holidays (for adults) or even language courses for young people in the coming May or summer holidays? We have listed the options for you!

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