Free training courses and webinars

Our free training courses and webinars can be followed online and downloaded in PDF format. On the closed forum you can get help from teachers and fellow students. Our webinars are accessible to everyone and can be viewed later via youtube. Read more about how you can get access and at what dates / times the webinars sessions are planned.

These are the free courses

IT, PC and Internet:
Web designer
Creating apps

Digital photography
Write short stories and novels
Pastry shop
Creative writing
Color leather
Cartoon and cartoon drawing
Make your own cakes
Make your own clothing
Make jewelry yourself
Writing children’s books
Make your own cards
Hand lettering
Botanical drawing

Management and HRM:
Personnel consultant

Your own motivation and commitment are conditions to make yourself familiar with something new. You can go a long way with self-study. Meridancollege wants to contribute to this by offering valuable content such as free webinars and courses. In this way you can become acquainted with new learning areas. Once you have made a start, you may discover that there are also many advantages to doing a training at Meridancollege under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

  • You are dedicated to working with your learning objectives for a few days and as a result you will make faster progress
  • The trainer helps you overcome bumps and sees your blind spot
  • The trainer can investigate what your learning objectives are and show you the shortest learning route
  • You can really practice practical situations during training
  • You get to know other participants who are interested in the same subject

In short, you achieve much more in a shorter time.

The free trainings are suitable for home study, because you can download them online as a pdf. The range of free training courses consists of IT and Communication, Creative & Management training courses. Do you want to learn more about these topics or is the subject you want to learn about not listed? Then take a look at our training courses.