What fits best with your wishes and situation?

We rent

  • Rooms (where you share the kitchen, bathroom and / or toilet with roommates)
  • Independent houses (where you have everything for yourself). We make a distinction between:

    – Studios (one room that serves as a living room and bedroom. Of course there is a separate toilet and shower room)
    – Apartments (several rooms, often two or three)
    – Homes (one or more floors)
    – Student houses
    – Homestays
    We also make a distinction between
    – Regular offer: you will receive a contract for an indefinite period. Allocation is based on registration time, although there are some exceptions.
    – Short stay offer: this is especially for internationals who attend one or two semesters here. If you meet all the conditions, you can book a furnished room (first come, first serve) and you will receive a contract for a (half) year.
    – Temporary offer: you will receive a fixed-term contract.



    Modern student housing

    Students experience their time in student accommodation as unforgettable. People eat, learn, laugh, discuss, sing and sport together. The building has 11 floors, with 11 apartments per floor. Each floor also has a common area. The accommodation is open throughout the year.

    The student accommodation, built in 2016, has taken the place of the old boarding school.